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120ml eJuices

It's a chaotic world out there. Same is applicable to the vape universe. We use the term “vape universe” because it is so. The vape community and the corresponding market is so huge that it feels like an entire universe in itself. There is so much happening in this universe that at times it becomes difficult to analyse what to do and what to leave. There are 100’s of vape devices, lots of formats,thousands of ejuices and even a larger number of ejuice bottles. Coming to ejuice bottles, what we have here is the 120ml ejuice bottle. We know its huge, and that's the entire point of creating this 120ml e-liquid format. You see people are diverse in their vape habits. Some stick to one juice and others are every lusty. Some vape for a few puffs while other need an entire tank full of vape juice.

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The 120ml vape juice is for the latter kind. The reason it exists is the ever hungry vape god who needs a lot to get his satisfaction. He is the man high on life and nothing but the best can satiate his lust for flavorful vape. He is the alpha male/female who commands respect and is all mighty. You see for such a person going for a 120ml bottle makes perfect sense also. Firstly, as always a man needs to keep his budgets proper. Premium ejuices are not cheap. Then again which good thing in life is?, Right?. Owning a 120ml ejuice bottle is wise for those vape gods as in the broader sense it is cheap. Since the volume is high hence the cost of ownership per ml will always be less when compared to other things on offer. Secondly, since its an alpha male thing. An alpha always lives his life with his pack. That pack needs love and affection to be loyal and strong. Hence the importance of sharing the love cannot be overemphasized here. 120ml ejuice bottle is perfect for sharing the love and show that you care. It is also a good medium of hoarding on your supplies. A 120ml vape juice bottle will outlast any vape scenario that you would encounter in your quest for a happy life. We respect the sentiments of the vape gods out there. That's why we have a dedicated section to this lovely 120ml e juice bottles. Since you are already on our website please feel free to explore our curation of the same. We have regular offers and discounts floating around our webshop. Make sure you make the best out of our little shop. Happy shopping.