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16.5ml eJuices

We call this one the small rocket. Why? Because you can have so many of them in one go. They all taste fabulous and are rave amongst people who are always restless. Restless in the sense always looking for something new to indulge in.If you are in vape stuff and love variety day in and day out then these 16.5ml e juice wonders will sweep you off your feet. These median sized cuties have so much to offer. They are fair  in size, yeah really neat. Can fit in your pocket. Actually 3 of such cuties can fit in your jacket pocket. That makes them so practical to carry around and store. You can carry an entire brands offerings in a backpack. Since 16.5ml e-liquid is so practical, let us give you one more reason to try them out. These beauties are also cheap to try. If you are looking for sampling a great amount of ejuices on a budget then you would actually find 16.5ml vape juice cheap in every sense. Since they are median in quantity they automatically become pretty affordable. It makes absolute sense to go for them. There is nothing to be hated about them. Where people would be busy sampling random juices from varied brands here you would be trying out the entire brand on same expense. We have a great collection of these 16.5ml e juice bottles. Go ahead and bundle them up. These are the things love is made up of. Happy vaping.

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