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200ml eJuices

This sir is the wooly mammoth of the ejuice bottles.No its not extinct we just used the term to depict the huge size of the bottle. The 200 ml ejuice bottle is by far the saddest and meanest ejuice bottle on the block. I mean 200ml ! seriously why would anyone want a 200ml ejuice bottle? Many reasons boss many reasons. We would be mentioning a few here for your reading pleasure. Now before we even begin singing laurels of this huge 200ml e-liquid bottle let us tell you one thing. This thing is badass and for the hardcore vapers out there. Don't even come near the big daddy if you are just a few week old in the vaping world. The 200 ml e-liquid demands some respect. In fact it requires a seasoned vaper to actually appreciate the good things that this beauty does & The good it does to the vape kind all over the world.  As we have already mentioned this one is for the wise and not for the lame. Before even considering to go for a 200ml ejuice bottle just think whether you have the karma points to be doing this. Now coming to the benefits of this wonder bottle. Its big, as if you didn't know this!, well since its big it lasts really long. Hence it's a perfect companion for those long vape sessions or huge vape parties. Even if you don't like partying and sharing the juice much. This bottle should be there in form of your favorite e juice. It will be like a good bae which is always there for you when you need it. It will take good care of your thirst for vape. Since we have used the word bae, we would give you one more good reason to own a 200ml vape juice. Just like a good bae it wont burn a hole in your pocket. 200ml vape juice is always cheap in the long run. It's not emotion its just maths. You see the the bigger volume you purchase, lower is the per ml cost of ownership. Hence it's always wise to go for this size of ejuice bottle provided you are already well aware of your favorite e juice flavors. Most of the brands worth their salt are offering their products in 200ml format now. We have a good collection of them with us. Please browse on and see if you find something you fancy.

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