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50VG/50PG is the gateway to the world of premium ejuices. If you are mature enough to know the difference between a regular e juice and a premium e juice then this product format will surely be appreciated by you. We say that's 50VG/50PG is the gateway to premium or high quality e juices because this is the line from where the world of vape awesomeness starts. It has everything that once experienced will motivate you to move higher in your vape life. These e juices have vegetable glycol and propylene glycol in equal parts. So neither it is too wholesome nor too lame. A seasoned vaper would know what we are talking about here. Having said that we would also take this moment to educate you that this format of ejuice is a bit rare in the market. For the layman these ejuices are just perfect neither they are harsh nor they are soft.  50 50 pg VG e-liquid brands that are rocking the scene currently are Beard Salts, Dream, Northern Lights vapors, Gemini vapor and element traditional to name a few. The list in fact is a bit larger than what we have mentioned. According to our own homegrown vape critics the best 50/50 vape juice by far from their experience is $100 PUNKIN PIE BY NORTHERN LIGHTS VAPOR CO. Its all warm custard with hints of pumpkin and cream. We loved the sweet and sexy feel that it gives in the mouth. The flavor is so ravishing that we hogged on it for days. Urge you to do the same. This stuff is really good.

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