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60VG/40PG is the borderline from where the real good ejuices start. You see, higher the VG content better is the ejuice. Vegetable glycol is the key factor when it comes to deciding on the way an ejuice will feel. Higher VG allows for a better flavor recreation and smoothness at the throat level. It also ensures that the vapor cloud formed is of the highest quality. There is also this factor of economy that comes in to picture. An ejuice having more VG content will always be priced higher. Such is the dynamics of the market. As a remedial measure the e juice brands are coming up with some odd permutations and combinations when it comes to blending their ejuices VG/PG wise. 60vg/40pg e-liquids stand a fair chance of becoming a rave amongst the users. It offers the best of taste experience while being economical to own. This blend is catching up fast and almost every premium brand is in line to produce and present 60/40 vape juice. In fact there are many takers of the same also. Sensing the demand of our visitors we have a dedicated section of 60/40 vape juice on our website. When it comes to selecting or listing the best 60/40 e liquids in the market,odds are that you would get baffled slightly because they all are really good. We would urge our visitors to have a feel of this great mix. Browse our collection and we are sure you would find your vape bae here. Did we forget to mention that generally, we have some great offers floating around sitewide. Don't miss on that. We take pains to bring the best stuff to you. Go on and grab a few bottles of these fabulous e juices now.

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