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When it comes to ejuices, there is an entire galaxy waiting to be explored. I mean it's really so much to go through. There are e juices of every imaginable flavor out there waiting to be tried. The story does not end at flavors there is a huge list of VG/PG variants in the market too. For the uninitiated VG stands for vegetable glycol and PG for petroleum glycol. Higher the VG content smoother is the ejuice, higher the PG content harsher is the ejuice. So, it's just the matter of liking but for reasons other than the feel at the throat, people prefer going for the higher VG variants of the ejuices. The reason for that is simple. For example, an ejuice containing 65/35 ratio will be healthier than one way for you. Higher the VG better is the flavor recreation and cloud formation. There is a catch though, juices with higher VG as in the case with 65VG/ 35vg will be a wee bit more expensive than its flavor counterparts. Premium quality premium pricing I guess. We have all  65VG/35PG e liquids in our store. In fact, we have a dedicated place for this beauties. Urge you to go ahead make the best of it. We have some great offers floating around, make sure you make most of them while shopping with us.

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