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70VG/30PG is that category of e juices which are premium from every angle you judge them. Somewhat like max VG e juices or should we say a lot like them, these ejuices combine the best of both worlds. If we have to put a label or definition to this class of ejuices we would say that they are really smooth with a hint of harshness. You see 30 PG caters for the slight harsh at throat feeling you would get while vaping on these ejuices. Perfect for those who know the feeling of smoking a cigarette. 70vg/30pg e juice is the best of both worlds in every sense. There is a market for it hence there are people providing some really neat stuff with this ratio mix. Be assured that all 70/30 VG/pg Vape Juice fall under the premium category and hence would be slightly expensive. As a remedy, we would encourage our visitors to avail of great discounts and offers that we have running on our site. This will give you the best shopping and vaping experience ever. We have a dedicated section for 70/30 VG/pg Vape Juice. Go on and grab a few, we are sure you will fall in love with these lovelies.

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