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Well, when we started our vape journey 75VG 25 PG was the holy grail of luxury and quality of ejuices. Although now there are ejuices in the market which surpass this ratio, however, this 75 VG e-liquid still holds a special place in the hearts of the matured vapers. This class of e juice is special as it provides the best of flavor and the best of the kick at optimal price levels. The cost of ownership of this product is a bit high but that's just because it is a premium product. You can't expect it to be cheap anyways. This ratio of VG/pg is optimal because the flavor recreation is just awesome with this one. We have a dedicated place on our website for this 75/25 mix. There are generally some great offers floating around make sure you grab them before it's too late. Browse on we are sure you will find something you like. Most of the brands worth their name now offer this great 75/25 mix. It's really good and really premium. Make it your vape bae and lived a fulfilled life.Vape is expression of artistic freedom. Make sure you are a meaningful part of it.

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