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This is like VG overload.80VG 20PG e juices are really something for the kings of vape. If you live and work for a nice vape session, then you deserve this class of ejuices. We have used the word “class” here because 80 VG 20 pg E Juice is really something which is a class in itself. This what premium and elite e juices are made up of. These juices are special and meant for special elite class of vapers. Any flavor you vape with this ratio, chances are you will get hooked on it. The reason being simple higher the VG better the experience in terms of flavor, feel at the throat, lingering of juices and yes the cloud formation. 80VG means that the cloud formed will be thick and nice. It will also be full of aroma and flavor. The flavor that will linger on to your soul for hours together. 80 VG 20 pg Vape Juice since being a premium segment ejuice is slightly costly. Guess everything worth its metal is, and this category surely is a clear winner with no competition whatsoever. We have a dedicated section for these kings of ejuices. Make sure you make the most of our offerings.

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