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Things can't get higher than this in terms of VG/PG ratio. 90VG/10PG is the best of the VG that you can get on this planet. Strictly made for the premium and mature vapers these ejuices are really a class apart.You need to be wise to check them out. Having a VG ratio of 90 means that the ejuice is of the highest quality possible. At least raw material wise it is. High VG is an indicator of how healthy the ejuice is too. Higher the VG better it will recreate the flavors in your mouth. The cloud formation with this e juice will be something which you will never experience with other ejuices.Our web store has some really nicely curated 90VG/10PG ejuices for all you vape gods to savor. We also have some great offers floating around the store for you to grab. So if you are a vaper who understands quality then this is the ejuice that you should be consuming. No compromise on fun and the flavor is the motto of 90VG/10PG ejuice. Designed for maximum kick and pleasure. Nothing can get better than these ejuices in the vape ecosystem. Go ahead grab a few bottles and let those flavorful thick clouds of vapor engulf your soul and the room.

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